Semiška ohcet a Semič Wedding Tradition

Semiška ohcet – a Semič Wedding Tradition

The 24th Traditional Wedding Event Semiška ohcet - Preserve old Traditions

Have you ever received a bouquet of love?

Are you delighted when you receive flowers? It might be a bouquet of fragrant wildflowers or a dozen of beautiful roses … perhaps a posy of kind words or even a garland of local melodies.

It is not a real wedding bouquet that we have in mind; what we are offering to you is a bouquet of wonderful moments and memorable experiences at the Semiška ohcet traditional wedding event. This bouquet will be presented to you during the last weekend in August when the evenings are plesantly fresh and warm.

This year's Semiška ohcet, a traditional ethnological tourist event, is our 23rd annual celebration. Our bouquet of love expresses our cultural heritage, our folk customs and always includes the old and local additions that are woven into this ancient wedding celebration. This special bouquet offering will also tempt you with delicate aromas of exceptional local food and good wine.

Sports enthusisasts can enjoy a relaxing hike or an invigorating bike tour among the rolling hills of Semič county.

You are kindly invited to join us to enjoy the abundance of a traditional wedding on the 24th to 26th August 2018. Please, … come and pick your own unique bouquet … of love!