What you need to know for a healthy and safe holiday in Slovenia

Active Experience

Active Experience in Bela krajina

In the karstic landscape of Bela krajina, the bare limestone walls are perfect for climbing. If you look up the stone wall, you might see the climbing trio Dudes vs Gravity. Jan, Jure and Andraž have already been fighting gravity together for three years. Their story begins in the hunt for the sunrise. In his search for perfect photographs he also chases professionally, Jan broke off in the middle of the night to catch the sunrise with a friend and a stranger. “They roped me in into the wall,” he remembers. Because he had never climbed before, he had to trust them. “You just hope they did a good job,” he laughs. This has created a trust relationship that still lasts today. In addition to their love for climbing, the trio is also connected by their wish for an increased dose of adrenaline. When there is snow, they go skiing on the Gače ski slope or search for additional challenges in snow parks abroad or go off-piste skiing.

We might not think about it, but the climbing areas are often home to animals and you cannot always climb where you would like to. Occasionally, birds live in climbing areas and these parts get closed off.


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