Choose physical activity!

Care for a walk in a nature park? Fancy cycling from village to village? Want to experience the wonders of rafting? In the mood for an adrenaline park? Be physically active!

Be physically active! You can choose to hike the hiking trails or cycle the biking trails. All trails are appropriately marked to guide you safely through peaceful nature. Climb the Mirna gora mountain and discover the story of the dragon! Paraglide from the Smuk hill. Ascend the observation tower awaiting you at the Krašnji vrh hill. You can go canoeing, mini rafting or rafting on the Kolpa river from spring to autumn. Should you drive past the village of Kot near Damelj recall it as the southernmost point of Slovenia. Explore some of the karstic caves or even partake in sports contests. A lot of them are associated with larger events. Visit a unique adrenaline park by the Kolpa river and ride a bike 5 meters above ground.