The cycling path takes us to the popular Bela krajina ski slopes Bela above Črmošnjice, into the embrace of Kočevje forests and fresh mountain air. The very beginning of the path with the ascent to Semiška gora let’s us know that the path is more suitable for fitter cyclists.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Semič-Gaber-smer Rožni Dol-Vimol-Srednja vas-Črmošnjice-Gače-Kleč-Vrčice-Gaber-Semič
  • Start: TIC Semič
  • Access: - by car: from direction Novo mesto–Semič (through Uršna sela or Jugorje near Metlika to Semič) - by train: from Metlika or Novo mesto
  • Length: 39 km
  • Time: 4 h
  • Highest Point: below Mirno goro, 934 m
  • Difficulty: very high

Points of interest

Local Museum Collection, Cultural Centre Semič, Štefanov Square, Taborska hiša and taborsko obzidje (court house with walls), Church of St. Stephen (parish church, first mentioned in written sources in 1228), Bela Ski Slopes (Bela Ski Centre, Gače), Divji potok stream (takes its source along the foothills of Gače, a stream with a diverse riverbed, full of rapids and cascades).

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Gače cycling path