This path will take you to the wonderful sightseeing point Smuk (547 m), which rises just above Semič. The path passes villages with rich history, and this guarantees an unforgettable experience both for eager climbers as well as for anyone interested in historical details.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Semič-Stranska vas-Črešnjevec-Cerovec-Gradnik-Sodji vrh-Osojnik-Brezova Reber-Anzlova gora-Semič
  • Start: TIC Semič
  • Access: - by car: from the direction Novo mesto–Semič (through Uršna sela or Jugorje near Metlika to Semič) - by train: from Metlika or Novo mesto
  • Length: 27 km
  • Time: 3 h
  • Highest Point: Smuk, 564 m
  • Difficulty: medium

Points of interest

Local Museum Collection, Cultural Centre Semič, Štefanov square, Taborska hiša and taborsko obzidje (court house with walls), Church of St. Stephen (parish church, first mentioned in written sources in 1228), Črešnjevec (open-air museum) and the village Osojnik (spring and well), village Brezova Reber (Church of St. Catherine), Smuk (plateau above Semič), ruins of the Smuk Castle, Church of St. Lawrence

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