From Metlika you will head towards Krvavčji Vrh and then across the macadam road through an interesting rural area towards the Lahinja river. Then you will climb the 222-meter high isolated hill called Kučar, which is one of the most important archaeological findings in Bela krajina and at the same time a spectacular sightseeing point overlooking the valley of the Kolpa river. On your way back you will stop in Otok to have a look at the DC 3 plane, which dates to the period of the World War II. Perhaps we will even decide to make a turn towards the confluence of rivers Kolpa and Lahinja in Primostek.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Metlika-direction Krvavčji Vrh (Semič)-macadam road pass the Bočka landfill site-Gornje Dobravice-Dolnje Dobravice-Geršiči-Podzemelj-Kučar-Podzemelj-Zemelj-Grm-Otok-Metlika
  • Start: TIC Metlika
  • Access: by car or by train from Novo mesto
  • Length: 19 km
  • Time: 2 h
  • Highest Point: Kučar, 222 m
  • Difficulty: easy, except the ascent to Kučar

Points of interest

Metlika old town centre, Metlika Castle, Bela Krajina Museum, Dr Branko Božič Slovenian Fire-Fighting Museum, Kambič Gallery, Church of St. Nicholas, Church of St. Martin by the plague spot in Metlika, Lahinja, Zdenc in Geršiči, Kučar hill (sightseeing point, archaeological site, marked Kučar-Kolpa learning path, sepulchral mounds), parish Church of St. Martin in Podzemelj, DC 3 plane (Otok), confluence of rivers Lahinja and Kolpa in Primostek.

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Kučar cycling path