If you are looking for an easy and pleasant ride through the terrain with numerous cultural and historical points of interest and even more natural attractions, this path should certainly not be missed. It crosses shallow karst area in a narrower hinterland of the Krupa river and along the river itself. The scenic karst landscape with numerous sinkholes, smaller springs, stone commons, and fern areas forms a genuine classroom outdoors.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Semič-Sela pri Semiču-Vinji Vrh-Krupa-Moverna vas-Stranska vas-Vinji Vrh-Brstovec-Brezje-Sadinja vas-Vavpča vas-Semič
  • Start: TIC Semič
  • Access: - by car: from the direction Novo mesto–Semič (through Uršna sela or Jugorje near Metlika to Semič) - by train: from Metlika or Novo mesto
  • Length: 16 km
  • Time: 2.5 h
  • Highest Point: , 268 m
  • Difficulty: easy

Points of interest

Local Museum Collection, Cultural Centre Semič, Štefanov square, Taborska hiša and taborsko obzidje (court house with walls), Church of St. Stephen (parish church, first mentioned in written sources in 1228), Karst learning path from Lebica to Krupa (marked for cyclists and hikers), Lebica cave (water karst cave), plague spot in Trata, Malikovec karst cave (located on the road Ručetna vas - Semič), Church of the Holy Trinity, Vinji Vrh (pilgrim church built in 1647), Judovska hiša karst cave (a remarkable prehistorical archaeological site), Krupa river (in terms of water stage the largest source in Bela krajina, which takes its source under a 30 meters high rock wall)

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Lebica Krupa cycling path