From Metlika we will make our way towards Semič pass Krvavčji Vrh, Cerovec, and Črešnjevec. We will continue across a winding round through Stranska vas, pass the village Krupa and the river Krupa to Gradac, where you will see the castle at the bight of the river Lahinja. Further on, we will cross the flat land among meadows and cultivated fields towards the village Prilozje with the airport and a pond located not far away. On our way back to Metlika we will say hello to the Kolpa river, which is the best possible refreshment in summer months.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Metlika-Krvavčji Vrh-Cerovec-Črešnjevec-Semič-Stranska vas-Klošter-Gradac-Prilozje-Krasinec-Podzemelj-Zemelj-Grm-Otok-Primostek-Metlika
  • Start: TIC Metlika
  • Access: by car or train from Novo mesto
  • Length: 35 km
  • Time: 3.5 h
  • Highest Point: Krvavčji Vrh, 282 m
  • Difficulty: medium

Points of interest

Metlika old town centre, Metlika Castle, Bela Krajina Museum, Dr Branko Božič Slovenian Fire-Fighting Museum, Kambič Gallery, Church of St. Nicholas, Church of St. Martin by the plague spot in Metlika, the source of the Krupa river, confluence of rivers Krupa and Lahinjq in Klošter, castle at the bight of the river Lahinja and a memorial room in the honour of the establishment of the Slovenian Red Cross in Gradac, Bela krajina Airport (Bela krajina Aero Club) and the pond in Prilozje, old linden trees in front of the church in Krasinec, swimming area at Kolpa (Krasinec), Podzemelj Camp, sepulchral mounds in Podzemelj, DC 3 plane (Otok) and the confluence of rivers Lahinja and Kolpa in Primostek.

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