All paths that make their way towards Mirna gora are too many to count in one go. Mirna gora and the surrounding paths attract recreational enthusiasts as well as all other visitors to Bela krajina. A 36 km long cycling path predominantly makes its way through forest roads, so we must make sure to check the suitability of our tubes before embarking on this cycling expedition.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Semič-Gaber-Vrčice-Planina-Mirna gora-Sredgora-Gorenjci-Semič
  • Start: TIC Semič
  • Access: - by car: from the direction Novo mesto–Semič (through Uršna sela or Jugorje near Metlika to Semič) - by train: from Metlika or Novo mesto
  • Length: 36 km
  • Time: 4 h
  • Highest Point: Mirna gora, 980 m
  • Difficulty: challenging

Points of interest

Local Museum Collection, Cultural Centre Semič, Štefanov square, Taborska hiša and taborsko obzidje (court house with walls), Church of St. Stephen (parish church, first mentioned in written sources in 1228), “kočka lipa” (linden tree, 600 years old, its hollow trunk measures 780 cm), Črnomelj-Leseni kamen forest railway (Bremzberg), mountain lodge and belvedere on Mirna gora, Planina (former village and Church of St. Elijah)

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Mirna Gora Semič cycling path