Joseph's hike - a wander along the Lahinja river

The trail leads from the village of Podlog past the confluence of the rivers Podturnščica and Lahinja to the village of Zorenci. Then further on to the homestead Bahor, past the Kuzma Mill through the village of Velika Lahinja to the wine-growing area of the Sadeži Hill. Next past the village of Brdarci through the scenic villages of Črešnjevec and Knežina to the source of the river Lahinja. Then the trail continues across the Lahinja Regional Park, through the villages of Belčji vrh and Mala Lahinja to Pusti Gradac, past Šipek and the source of Topličica back to Podlog. Traditional hike is on the first Sunday after 19th March (St. Joseph's Day).

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Podlog–Zorenci–Velika Lahinja–Črešnjevec–Knežina–Belčji vrh–Mala Lahinja–Pusti Gradac–Podlog
  • Start: Podlog (Malerič Apartments)
  • Access: road Črnomelj–Dragatuš
  • Length: 15 km
  • Time: 4 h
  • Highest Point: Sadeži hill
  • Difficulty: easy

Points of interest

Confluence of the rivers Podturnščica and Lahinja, homestead Bahor, Kuzma mill, Lahinja Regional Park, source of the river Lahinja, source of Topličica, Klepec mill, Church of All Saints, etc.