Castle footpath along the Kolpa river

This footpath runs through the most attractive part of the Kolpa Regional Park. Walking around this protected area, visitors can discover many natural and cultural attractions. This linear footpath starts in the village of Žuniči and ends in Dragoši (or the other way around). It is undemanding and virtually level, offering a nice shade in the summer months. However, after especially heavy rain it is not completely walkable because parts of it may be flooded. From the Castle footpath many other footpaths and field paths lead to the villages above the Kolpa River.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Žuniči (Šokčev dvor)–Miliči–along the river Kolpa to Pobrežje–Dolenjci–Fučkovci–Dragoši
  • Start: Žuniči (Šokčev dvor)
  • Access: road Črnomelj–Adlešiči–Žuniči or road Vinica–Zilje–Preloka–Žuniči
  • Length: 25 km
  • Time: 5 h
  • Difficulty: easy

Points of interest

Kolpa Regional Park, Šokčev dvor, Bela krajina beekeeping educational path, orthodox Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Miliči, springs, karst effluents, old barn Stari pod, Pobrežje Castle, Kuzma Mill, partisan tannery in Purga, Fučkovci spring and Dolenjci spring with an underground gallery