Hiking trails around Mirna Gora

Mirna gora mountain is the second highest peak in Bela krajina (1047m) and one of the most south-eastern peaks of the Kočevski rog mountain range. Mirna gora and Planina are the starting points of many other hiking trails. Forest educational path Planina–Mirna gora There are three routes of the forest educational path leading to Mirna gora which meet 300 metres below the summit. Follow the path up to the mountain hut on Mirna gora for a well-deserved rest and a spectacular view. Along the forest railway Črnomelj–Leseni kamen Walk along the well-marked trail of the former forest railway and admire the rare trees and unspoilt nature around the path. Follow the trails of the former railway that are already well-hidden in many places. The Shepherds's path In the past, this was the shepherd's path around Mirna gora mountain. Typical features of this trail are vast hay meadows near the ruins of Gottschee German villages of Ponikve and Škrilj and overgrowing areas that bear witness to the former cultural landscape. The Trdina way The Trdina way that runs between the Kočevski rog and Gorjanci mountain ranges and the edge of Krško hribovje hills also passes through Mirna gora. From the summit the path leads to the next control point Gače (955m) in the distance of 4.5km that can be walked in approximately one and a half hours and further on to Smuk (547m) in the distance of 10.5km with the estimated walk time of 3 hours.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Planina–Mirna gora
  • Start: Planina
  • Access: road Novo mesto–Vrčice–Mirna gora
  • Highest Point: Mirna gora, 1047 m
  • Difficulty: moderate

Points of interest

Gottschee German village of Planina, Church of St. Elijah in Planina, supporting stone wall of the forest railway line, abyss along the railway line, water reservoir, location of the grave of Franc Rozman Stane, mountain hut on Mirna gora, Church of St. Francis Xavier, lookout tower