Walk around Metlika and its old town centre

The first walk around Metlika was organized on 26th April 1998 by the Town Community Metlika to celebrate the town day which is traditionally celebrated on 29th April, the day when in 1365 Metlika was granted town rights. The walk around Metlika is suitable for everyone set to explore the historical and cultural attractions of the old town centre and its surroundings. The path is undemanding and suitable for people of all ages.

Technical description

  • Start: sports field Pungart near elementary school in Metlika
  • Length: 8 km
  • Time: 2 h
  • Difficulty: easy

Points of interest

Metlika old town centre (Metlika Castle, Bela krajina Museum, Slovenian Firefighting Museum, building of the first savings and loan bank in Dolenjska, building of the first reading society in Dolenjska, building of the former pharmacy, obelisk of friendship, Kambič Gallery, spring of the Suhor stream, town hall, parish church of St. Nicholas, birth house of sculptor Alojz Gangl and writer Engelbert Gangl, commandry of German Knights Order, birth house of mathematician Franc Hočevar, care home for older people, birth house of actor, director, writer and art director Osip Šest, birth house of linguist and ethnographer Ivan Navratil and national awakener Anton Navratil, spring of the Obrh stream, etc.), Ušivec spring, town swimming grounds, the Church of St. Roch with the town cemetery, Greek Catholic Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, etc.