Learning garden of dr. Derganc

The learning garden is dedicated to Dr Viktor Derganc, a well-know doctor from Semič, who in 1983 donated his homestead to the Association of Paraplegics of Slovenia. The main part of the learning garden is an orchard with various fruit trees, resembling the orchards that used to surround every homestead in Bela krajina. Not only apple trees are planted in the learning garden, but also pear, plum and walnut trees, raspberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes and a vineyard.

Technical description

  • Waypoints: Semič (next to Dom paraplegikov)
  • Start: Semič (old town centre)

Points of interest

In the old town centre – Local Museum Collection Semič, Church of St. Stephen, Cultural centre Semič. Along the path in the learning garden there are various fruit trees, a vineyard, a hive for solitary bees, etc.