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In the heart of Bela krajina, the Lahinja River, as well as forests, marshes and wetland pastures surrounding it, offer many surprises. The protected area covering the first seven kilometres of the river Lahinja is a real botanical treasure. In the park, you can visit a mill, a sawmill, a typical church and a traditional farmhouse.

The main natural point of interest is the river Lahinja, with its source just below Knežina village. Further on the park (cca 200 ha large) calls you to visit natural reserves Nerajski in Lahinjski lugi, or sources and karstic features (shallow karst), and a karst cave Zjot, which might be particularly fascinating for speleologists.

The Regional Park Lahinja is situated in the heart of Bela krajina, just a stone’s throw away from Dragatuš. Rich in natural and cultural heritage, which is attested by eight protected natural monuments, six cultural monuments, and two natural reserves.

From the cultural and historical perspective the village Pusti Gradec, where the river Lahinja makes a loop, is the sight of a rare uninhabited prehistoric settlement in Europe. Under a massive rock, which marks the location of the medieval castle, one finds a still active Klepčev mill and sawmill (l.1638).

On the top of the river peninsula boasts a church of All Saints, a great example of sacral architecture with a typical Primorje motif – bell tower with open dormers (“zvonice”), called “zvonik na preslico”.