In the Heart of the Defensive Camp in Semič

The administrative seat of the municipality of the same name is geographically limited to the north, its northern fringe extending to the base of Kočevski Rog plateau and the foothills of Gorjanci mountain chain. The best view is revealed at the point when the train surfaces from within the Semič tunnel. Vineyard cottages and houses shine brightly from among the vineyards and the Semič square featuring St. Stephen’s parish church lays below.

The Semič place-name appears as early as the 13th century, when Bela krajina was ruled by Henrik Adeški. Semič got its name from the castle that stood under the summit of the Semenič hill.

St Stephen’s parish church adorning Semič and the Štefanov trg square was mentioned as early as 1228 and was built in the style of Baroque Classicism. The churchyard is enclosed in the partially preserved defensive walls of an encampment, built to stave off Turkish raids. Inside the walls a building called Taborska hiša  has also been renovated and now serves as the location where regular art exhibitions and various other cultural events take place, especially in the summer. The Local Museum Collection contains further information on the history of Semič, spanning from pre-historic times up to World War I. The exhibition includes the interior of an early local vineyard cottage from a time, when they were built exclusively from timber, lending the structure a friendly air, not unlike the personality of the hard-working but ever-smiling people of Bela krajina.

Semič’s past is represented by the Local Museum Collection Semič displaying among other things the interior of an early local vineyard cottage. The museum also contains a natural-science exhibition of Bela krajina's geology and its protected areas. The Semič Cultural Centre hosts theatrical performances, congresses, conferences, and seminars. You can visit the Learning Garden of Dr Derganc, which is located in the vicinity of the market town square.

Semič is also known for its beekeepers and honey. Give it a try!

A few video snippets from the Municipality of Semič.