Wine Cellar and Excurstion Farm Šuklje

Tradition holds a special meaning to us, which is why we follow traditional recipes to prepare dishes, recipes that were handed down through the generations but adapted to the modern taste. You can choose our farm to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, first communions, or you can simply come to Bela krajina for a visit. We welcome larger groups providing that prior reservations be made. The menus can be chosen in advance and customized to suit individual preferences. Expertly guided wine tasting is also available, along with the tour of the wine cellar and the purchase of wines.

We cultivate 5 hectares of vineyards and produce premium quality wines as well as table wines. Our wines are invested with a wealth of knowledge since we work with an excellent team of winemakers and oenologists. The production of the highest quality grapes is in the capable hands of the father, who has learned from his father before him and from 30 years worth of experience. The cellaring process is the responsibility of the daughter, Katja Šuklje, who holds a PhD in winemaking. Katja is a young outstanding researcher who has already made her mark internationally.

We can assure you that our hospitality and homeliness will not leave you indifferent. We welcome you to immerse yourself in our bountiful offer and wonderful environment.

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Izletniška kmetija ButalaKmetija se nahaja na podeželju v bližini glavne ceste Črnomelj - Dolenjske Toplice. Na kmetiji se ukvarjajo z lastno pridelavo mesa in mesnih izdelkov, izvajajo tudi degustacije suhih mesnin in tudi vin. Možnost je tudi naročilo malic, kosil in večerij za družbe po prednaročilu. Kot hišno specialiteto pa imajo svežo pečenko (odojček ali jagenjček na ražnju).
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Excursion Farm MatkovičYou are welcome at the Tourist Farm Matkovič located where the edges of the Gorjanci mountain range meet with the beautiful Kolpa river, in the immediate vicinity of the regional road connecting Novo mesto and Metlika.
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Wine Cellar and Excurstion Farm ŠukljeBela krajina is known for its superb culinary offer and the tourist farm Šuklje is no exception, serving premium quality wines and dishes of the same quality. Our guests are offered only the best selection of everything produced on our farm. You can delight in our home-grown meat, mushrooms from the nearby forest, vegetables from the mother’s garden, and a selection of excellent cured meat. You can expect the scent of freshly-baked bread and belokranjska pogača flatbread to spread from the kitchen as well. Guests can enjoy spit-roasted lamb and suckling pig, characteristic of Bela krajina, as well as dishes prepared under the bell.
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