Locally sourced and homemade food and drink is best!

Mild climate, fertile soil and hardworking hands come together to create wonderful homemade delicacies. Local self-sufficiency is on the rise in Bela krajina. You can browse and buy straight from the farms or you can visit the farmers’ markets in Črnomelj or Metlika. You can visit the suppliers of the following delicacies: honey and honey based products, milk and dairy products, bread and pastry, juices and spirits, cured meat products, fresh fruit and vegetables. Bela krajina is known for its indigenous varieties of onion (“gribeljka”) and garlic. The people of Bela krajina take great pride in the quality of their wines, red and white alike. For instance, Metliška Črnina and Belokranjec are classified as PDO – Protected Designation of Origin. “Belokranjska pogača”, a traditional leavened flatbread sprinkled with caraway and coarse salt, is classified as TSG – Traditional Speciality Guaranteed.