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Our brewery produces very diverse and ingenious varieties of beer. We produce both low fermentation beers (lager) and high fermentation beers (ale). The latter varieties result from playful variations of different barley, wheat, and hops combinations. We pay special attention to the choice of top quality raw ingredients. When selecting hops we try to prioritize the exceptionally high-quality Slovenian hops but when we are looking for a particular aroma we reach for foreign aromatic hops from around the world.

Our brewery is also known for offering its costumers an innovative selection of beers. We like to explore exciting new brewing ingredients and people’s openness to different, unconventional tastes. This encourages us to occasionally brew honey beer made with local honey, chestnut beer made with handpicked chestnuts, or play with spices and additives of a perfectly natural origin and locally-sourced. Examples of this include beer with spruce tips, beer with an addition of mint, beer with ginger, beer brewed from potatoes and beans etc. Our imagination knows no bounds.

Our production keeps growing year in, year out and so does the quality, and the broad spectrum of our beers. The foundation of our business is a contented and driven work team that uses its energy to push the boundaries and build a stable and successful company. In 2016 we received a formal recognition of our work by being awarded a bronze medal for our pale ale beer at an international beer competition in Ireland.

We are the first brewery that offers the service of brewing beer for other brands, following their own recipes. Our partners use our facilities and together we are raising the bar for the drinking culture in Slovenia, and spreading the love of beer beyond our borders.

Just next to main road from Ljubljana to Črnomelj in Lokve village.
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Viticulture and Winemaking PrusThe Prus family home in Krmačina near Metlika emanates the cheerfulness of pleasant everyday life. The three generations living under the same roof symbolize the family winemaking tradition. Although the vineyard of their late grandfather was not as big as it is today, he was nevertheless a member of the The Drašiči Communal Vineyard Cottage (soseska zidanica Drašiči).
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The House of Wine PečaričPečarič Farm is located on the sunny side of the Gorjanci mountain range, in a village Čurile near Metlika. The farm has been associated with winegrowing for several centuries. Even though the records about the beginnings of grapevine cultivation in the area are scarce, the farm’s standing towards the end of the 19th century suggests that significant progress had already been made. At that time the farm had two hectares of vineyards which was an exceptionally large amount by Bela krajina’s standards of the time.
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Simonič sparkling winesWinemaking has been a family Simonič tradition for several generations. In the late nineties of the 20th century Ivan Simonič decided to concentrate his efforts on the production of sparkling wines, which made him the first independent producer of sparkling wines in Bela krajina. The year 2000 marked the advent of the Semiška penina – demi-sec. In 2001 this sparkling wine received a gold medal at the Gornja Radgona Fair and with the mark of 18.53 came in second among sparkling wines. This achievement spurred on further development and the production of bottles and the selection of sparkling wines grew with each year. The selection now includes Semiška penina – sec, Semiška penina – Blaufränkisch, Semiška penina – gold with added 23 karat gold leaves, Semiška jantarna penina, and Semiška penina – Barrique, which has to mature in barrique barrels for a year before bottling. Semiška penina POSEIDON matures in the depths of the Adriatic Sea, 30 meters deep, at a constant temperature of 12-13°C.
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Wine Cellar ŠukljeBela krajina is known for its superb culinary offer and the tourist farm Šuklje is no exception, serving premium quality wines and dishes of the same quality.
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Soseska Zidanica Wine BankDuring the visit, you will get to know the history and the way of working of the community vineyard cottage Drašiči, the one-of-a-kind wine bank, registered as intangible cultural heritage of Slovenia.
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Brewery VizirBrewery Vizir is a pioneer in the field of craft brewing in Slovenia. We started brewing beer in 2008 after deciding to branch out from viticulture in order to offer something new to our customers. Being a driven young team brimming with innovative ideas and knowledge we devised an entirely original strategy. With the help of our family business Mithraeum, which produces brewing equipment, we set up our own brewery and started venturing into the world of brewing. Both owners, Maja and Denis, have bachelor’s degrees in food technology, which made them equipped to tackle any arising initial glitches and achieve their goals faster and more successfully.
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Boutique Wine Cellar ŠturmThe Šturm wines reign in the immediate vicinity of Vidošiči, on the slopes below the St Ana’s church, from where an amazing view on vineyards, hillsides and surrounding churches can be seen.
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KZ Metlika Wine CellarThe wine reflects the particularities of local soil, climate, location, variety, vintage, and work invested by our winegrower and cellarman. The wines, though never identical, are always authentic and unique. The combination of tradition in the cellar and modern technology in the cultivation process ensures that champion titles will continue to grace our walls and awards will fill our showcases. These are a testament to the rich history and the progressive approaches to the production of wine in Bela krajina – and all this is embodied in the Wine Cellar Metlika.
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DOLC VINEYARDSWhat makes it special is certainly the hospitality because, to this day, its door has never been closed and no traveller has ever had to leave the Dolc place thirsty.
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