Bistra Buča School

How were classes held in the 1960s?

In the old, typical wooden house from Bela Krajina from the 18th century, you can attend classes like it was after the Second World War. In a humorous, fun and at the same time instructive way you will get to know Bela krajina, its history, culture, Bela krajina costume, musical instruments, culinary characteristics… All this will be taught by a strict and fair teacher who still uses the stick and kneeling on corn grains. At the end of the school lesson, “students” will receive a Certificate with their names and surnames as proof that they have mastered the basic knowledge of Bela krajina. The lesson is suitable for all ages, both for primary school children and young people, as well as for retirees who still remember the strict school rules. The teacher is looking forward to seeing you!
Just a few steps from Bistra buča, in a special room, you could see the 27,000-year-old bones of a cave bear.Also the furniture they used to have in farmhouses.



60 min


5 EUR / osebo

Minimum number of participants:


Maximum number of participants:


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Razstava Jamski medved

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Bistra Buča School
Radovica 32

Šola Bistra buča