Water, an element that gives life. It comes in abundance and suddenly it disappears. Through this unique experience learn the story of the river, and the landscape, that shaped the lives of the people who live here. Look within yourself, and learn about life cycles, birth, and death through history and philosophy, and make unforgettable memories.

Bela krajina at its heart is a treasure trove of dry karst and areas with permanent water. They have allowed a rich biodiversity and a varied ethnological heritage to develop over an area of 2.6 hectares. At the heart of the landscape is the source of the largest watercourse in Belokranj, the river Lahinja, which, with its numerous tributaries and natural monuments, is protected under the umbrella of the Landscape Park Lahinja.

Together with an experienced guide, you will discover the traditions and diversity of the Landscape Park on a unique experience Lahinja and the authenticity of the White Landscape. You will enter the world of the mystical river Lahinja and its many tributaries. You will walk through dry karst meadows and search for hidden walled water sources, while learning about the foundations of beliefs about life. Through a catwalk, you will enter the world of the Nerajski lugi, home to many plants and animals, and listen to the sounds of nature in a bird observatory.

A journey through mysticism, mythology and history will satisfy all your senses. You'll discover ancient potions through intriguing puzzles and challenge yourself with the basic skills needed to survive.

You will learn about Belokranj cuisine, cake and buckwheat cake, taste local spirits and, at the end, enjoy a snack in the wine cellar at the 250-year-old farmhouse.



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Where dry karst and water meet
Veliki Nerajec 11, 8343 Dragatuš

Lahinja Landscape Park

In the heart of Bela krajina, the Lahinja River also surprises with its unique features, lined with forests, marshes, and moist meadows. The protected area, which includes the headwaters and 7 kilometers of the river's upper course, is a real treasure trove of botanical specialties. Lahinja Landscape Park is rich in natural and cultural heritage, which is confirmed by eight protected natural, six cultural monuments, and two nature reserves. In the park, you can see the Klepčev mill and the Venetian sawmill, the church of All Saints with the "bell tower on the horsetail", the information point of the park, the Bela kranjina house, the Gallery of Domestic and Artistic Crafts...