Tour of the Klepec sawmill and mill

in Landscape Park Lahinja

At the Klepec homestead in Lahinja Landscape Park in Pusti Gradac you can see a unique combination of natural and cultural heritage. There are five cultural and three natural monuments here. We introduce visitors to the Klepec homestead and show the cultural and natural monuments located there. We will show the location of the castle that stood at the entrance to Okljuk in the Middle Ages, we will go to the church on Okljuk, we will introduce the Lahinja River with its flora and fauna. We present archaeological finds from the Early Stone Age and the gold coin of King Matjaža, found at a fork in the Lahinja River. Finally, we show the grinding of millstones in a water-powered mill.



2,5 EUR / osebo, študenti in dijaki 2 EUR, upokojenci 10% popust


90 min

Minimum number of participants:

10 oseb

Maximum number of participants:

30 oseb


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    Tour of the Klepec sawmill and mill
    Pusti Gradec 10, SI-8343 DRAGATUŠ

    Lahinja Association