Embark on a family adventure while walking through the Lahinja Landscape Park, where you will discover the secrets of cultural and natural heritage by solving Oton Župančič's famous riddles.
The journey will begin with the viewing of the four-minute presentation film "Oton's Adventure" in the Info center, where you will receive a backpack with a map, a leaflet with a story and a card with the first clue. Binoculars will also be available for rent, which will help you actively explore the park. Children will get to know the literary heritage of the place in a playful and fun way, you as a parent or as a companion, you will receive instructions and guide your young researchers in solving tasks. The route is circular and ends at the Info center, where participants return borrowed props.

WORKING HOURS available during the winter holidays and from March 2022 onwards



3 do 4 ure


15 EUR / otroka, starši brezplačno

Minimum number of participants:


Maximum number of participants:

10 oseb

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Oton's Adventure
Veliki Nerajec 11, 8343 Dragatuš

Lahinja Landscape Park

In the heart of Bela krajina, the Lahinja River also surprises with its unique features, lined with forests, marshes, and moist meadows. The protected area, which includes the headwaters and 7 kilometers of the river's upper course, is a real treasure trove of botanical specialties. Lahinja Landscape Park is rich in natural and cultural heritage, which is confirmed by eight protected natural, six cultural monuments, and two nature reserves. In the park, you can see the Klepčev mill and the Venetian sawmill, the church of All Saints with the "bell tower on the horsetail", the information point of the park, the Bela kranjina house, the Gallery of Domestic and Artistic Crafts...