Pogača with a twist

Workshop of Bela krajina “pogača” baking

“Pogača” flatbread with a twist is a 90-minute cooking workshop. First, you will get to know the Bela krajina “pogača”, the round flatbread delicacy, sprinkled with coarse salt and cumin. You collect the ingredients for this traditional Bela krajina dish in a game and then prepare them and adapt them according to your wishes. To round things off, you can finally try it with a glass of wine or juice.
The workshop is carried out with a minimum of two participants. The price includes: the execution of the workshop, the use of equipment and ingredients and a present.



od 22 EUR (10 udeležencev), od 45 EUR (2 udeleženca)


90 minut

Maximum number of participants:


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Pogača with a twist
Podzemelj 17, SI-8332 Gradac

Veselič Guesthouse