A lesson for children

Do you want your school's students to get to know the sights of Bela Krajina in a relaxed and witty way?

Do you want your school's students to get to know the cultural and natural attractions of Bela Krajina in an interesting, witty and relaxed way? This is exactly what we do at Brihtna Glava Primary School in Radovica near Metlika. Adapted to all age groups, we bring children closer to the time from the middle of the 20th century. Upon arrival at the school building, the children are first served with Belokranjska pogača, and before the start of the school hour, they are properly prepared or familiarized with some of the special features that applied in the former school system. That is why even smaller children are not afraid of a strict teacher with a stick in her hand, corn in the corner of the classroom, and are happy to participate in learning about the White Landscape. At the end of the school lesson, everyone receives a CERTIFICATE. Sparkles in the eyes, smiles on the forms, honest answers and active participation in the lessons are common impressions after the end of the school hour.
Prior announcements are required, we need a list of participants (name and surname) to print out certificates, it is also possible to add a school lunch (homemade rye bread and an apple).



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domača pogača

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A lesson for children
Radovica 23, 8330 Metlika

“Brihtna glava” Primary School

In Radovica at Metlika, there is a building of the former primary school, which functioned as an educational establishment by 1976. After longs years, a “proper” school opened its doors here. The conceptual design of Toni Gašperič aroused the interest of the local Andrej Bajuk. With great enthusiasm and interest, he started renovating the room and searching for appropriate objects. This was followed by long-term browsing through the past, collection of old school objects and accessories. A classroom from old times was made, an image from the 1950s. Andrej Bajuk became the headmaster, while a strict comrade teacher was entrusted with teaching. The headmaster Andrej therefore transformed the classroom back into a state it was in the past. By now, it is probably clear that this is a staged scene where the headmaster, the comrade teacher and the school secretary each play their roles; but you, dear pupils, are the most important, sitting with great expectation at a school desk and participating in an hour full of historical and cultural insights of Bela krajina.