What you need to know for a healthy and safe holiday in Slovenia

Feel the Nature

Romantic landscape full of vineyards and “steljniki”

For many years, an internationally recognized wine story has been developing in Bela krajina, led by the first man of oenology, dr. Julij Nemanič.

Dr Julij Nemanič is an outright encyclopedia of knowledge about wine production, wine varieties and culinary masterpieces best suited for the selected wine. The Bela krajina Wine Region is considered a true Slovenian wine oasis, caught between the Gorjanci Hills, the Kočevski rog Plateau and the Kolpa River. It is precisely this place, its slope and its limestone soil, the protection from the cold northern winds on the one and the openness towards the south on the other side that provide great conditions for the growing of grapevine. In Bela Krajina, all varieties feel good. We have exceptionally good conditions for growing Blue Frankish, Yellow Muscat, Portuguese Red and Portuguese Blue. In comparison to other lands, the latter has been best preserved right here. “A wonderful wine everyone will love,” says the elder of Slovenian oenology, Dr Julij Nemanič.

Where else than in wine-growing can you do something different every year? Waiting for a new wine harvest is what stirs up the imagination of all wine friends.


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