19 maj

Vinska vigred Wine Festival

Wine festival of Bela krajina

Slovenia is wine Europe in miniature. More than 400 winemakers tend the vines on the fertile soil of Bela krajina. The Wine Festival Vinska vigred in Bela Krajina is a traditional three-day wine festival, the largest in Slovenia, which takes place in May. The streets of Metlika are filled with visitors eager for good tastes, who, along with the best award-winning wines, taste typical Bela krajina dishes, such as pogača, piglet and lamb on a spit.

Year after year, the quality of Bela krajina wines rises. There are also more and more new, young winemakers establishing themselves in the Slovenian space. Bela krajina wines are increasingly recognized and appreciated throughout Slovenia and beyond. Even at the expense of the wine-growing region, the Posavje wine-growing region is considered a better, higher-quality part of Slovenian viticulture. Dr. Julij Nemanič adds: If we respect a noble drop of wine, consume it regularly, but in moderation, we will be rewarded with a healthy spirit, solid health and a more beautiful and longer life.

If you were to introduce Belo krajina to a foreigner, in addition to the picturesque landscape, cultural and natural attractions, and traditional customs, you would definitely want to introduce the Belo krajina cuisine, in which a drop of noble wine has a special place. And since 1983, every year in mid-May, this drop has been presented at the Vinska vigred wine festival in Bela krajina. It will be like this again this year, in the town center of Metlika, where friends of Bela krajina will gather again on the third weekend in May.

You are invited to Metlika between May 19 and 21, 2023!

On Friday, the crowning of the queen of Metliška črnina and the awarding of wine champions take place. Representatives of the sister municipalities of Ronchi, Wagna and Ozalj also take part in Vinska vigred every year. On Friday, a culinary exhibition will also open, prepared by the Association of Farmer's Wives of Metlika.
Saturday is the day when the music of brass bands, folklore groups and many other musicians can be heard throughout Metlika. Also on this day, guests can try the best wines of Bela krajina, Belokranjska pogača, and at the workshop they can also learn how to bake this protected speciality. Of course, the greatest specialties of the Bela krajina region are suckling pig and lamb on a spit.
Sunday is family day at Vinska vigred. Many activities and workshops are adapted for children, families and, of course, everyone else, who are attracted by the varied program and numerous stalls.

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