Bela krajina joined the destinations that have already won the golden sign of the green scheme. The assessment is performed using the international tool Green Destinations Standard, which enables both national and international comparability and visibility. To maintain this label, various activities need to be carried out to collect data on the sustainability of destination tourism development and to raise awareness among local people, the economy, visitors and other stakeholders about the importance of sustainable tourism. With these guidelines and recommendations, a three-year action plan has been prepared, which has also been approved by municipal councils. With the Slovenia Green Destination Gold logo, we are positioned on the Slovenian, European and global markets as an environmentally and socially friendly destination.

Sustainable tourism is tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts. A sustainable provider or destination meets the needs of visitors, the (tourism) industry, the environment and local communities. (UNWTO and UNEP, 2005)

A green (environmentally and socially responsible) destination is not something that is a project, task or responsibility of a tourist organization alone. It is something that can only be achieved by all of us together - all stakeholders in the destination, in the public, non-governmental and private sectors - and not only in tourism, but in all areas of activity. Last but not least, everyone who lives in the destination is also crucial in this process. It is extremely important that the destination is first and foremost pleasant and friendly for all who work and live here. This will also be the case for the people who visit us.

Accommodation (hotels, apartments, glampings, hostels), beaches, parks, bathing areas, tourist agencies, attractions and, this year, catering providers can apply for an active approach and inclusion in the Green scheme and obtaining Green titles. With the obtained primary sign and evidence, you can apply for the WTO call, which is open all year round.