Baking workshop of the Črnomelj pretzel and visit the ethno museum about wool, flax, and hemp

With pretzel to the Belokrajna route.

There are few written sources about the prests of Črnomelj. Pretzels are a specialty of Črnomelj, historically Črnomelj have sold them very successfully at fairs and bakeries. The oldest record of this is from Zgodnja Danica, where in 1856 it was written that Črnomelj offers its pretzels for roasting at the pilgrimage church of Our Lady in Žeželj near Vinica. For this reason, Črnomelj people are still called pretzels. In the old days, Črnomelj baked bread and sold it in front of the church on weekdays and Sundays. However, since the fairs kept nagging the women that the Metlika women bake better pastries, the Črnomelj women designed their pastries in various ways, until they decided to bake only pretzels. Soon, Črnomelj pretzels became famous all over the Bela Krajina. (From the book Lojza Zupanc, Zaklad na Kučarju, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1956, page 88).

With the visitors, a group of max 12 people, we knead pretzels according to a traditional recipe in Belokranje tradition. While the pretzels are rising, we visit the ethno-museum about the processing of wool, flax and hemp and experience the time of the ancestors of Belokrajna through animation. We shape pretzels, bake them, eat some of them, and wrap others for the journey. The intoxicatingly fragrant pretzel will take us to the moments of the past, when children were very happy with fragile pretzels. We gather in the Belokranjsko izročilo, Ulica Staneta Rozmana 6, knead the dough together through a fun team game, learn the story of the old women of Črnomelj, carry a basket on our heads with the help of a scroll, play the game of pulling the pretzel, shape pretzels, take a short walk through the ethnological museum, bake pretzels and eat some of them, wrap some for the journey)

Duration: 1 hour
Price per person (a glass of juice or wine and a visit to the ethno museum are included in the price):
15 EUR/person up to 6 persons
12 EUR/person from 6-12 persons
20% discount for a group of 4 people or more
Payment method: cash

The content is suitable for younger children

Animals allowed



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      Ulica Staneta Rozmana 6, SI-8340 Črnomelj

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