The nature of Bela krajina is wonderful. The Museum House reveals parts of the most important corners, such as geology, waters, karst phenomena, white birch trees, steljniki

In its collection, the museum combines other unique views on the mystical and relief playful image of our landscape. In Bela krajina, we cannot deny the close connection between natural and cultural features, which is why the stories of Rovaš, Semeniči and Kongeria are interwoven in our museum. Here, the visitor will get inspiration for what he can experience in the Bela krajina - Semič.
In the Semič Museum House, a building that is more than 180 years old, the visitor will see three different exhibitions: the Bela krajina Nature Center, Semič in 20 pictures and the vineyard collection. The contents are presented in accordance with modern museum standards, in an interactive, educational and experiential manner.

Price per person:
adults: 4.00 €
students: 3.50 €
seniors: 3.50€
families: 8 €
Duration: 1 hour
Payment method: cash or card

The content is suitable for young children

Access for the physically challenged


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    Štefanov trg 7, SI-8333 Semič

    Semič Tourist Information Centre