Viewing the permanent exhibition of Bela Krajina in the reflection of seven thousand years / Life and legacy of our ancestors

The introduction to the exhibition is a fifteen-minute film Images of Bela Krajina, which introduces visitors to the history and cultural and natural heritage of the landscape between the Gorjanci Hills and the Kolpa River through words and pictures. Bela Krajina is unique both geographically and ethnically, culturally and historically. We don't even know exactly who all its inhabitants were, but the stories of the people who lived in this area before us are woven together by objects. A vessel from the 5th millennium BC from the village of Moverna, a gold coin from the 3rd century BC from Podzemlje, an amphora from the 6th century from Črnomelj, the Metlika guild book from the 16th century, Easter eggs and rovaš from Bela Krajina, negatives on glass, the legacy of the first societies in Dolenjska and Slovenia and the national liberation struggle and more than 25,000 other items make up the treasury of the Bela Krajina Museum, which enriches the national collection of cultural heritage.

Adults: €5.00;
Seniors: €4.00;
Students: €3.00;
Families: €10.00
Payment: cash or card
Duration: 1-2 hours

Animals allowed


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    Trg svobode 4, SI 8330 Metlika

    Bela krajina Museum, Metlika