Tastes of Bela krajina

Tastes of Bela krajina

Locally produced food always tastes better!
The inhabitants of Bela krajina have been changing the diverse karst landscape into fields, pastures, and orchards for centuries. Several indigenous animal and plant species have been preserved. Fresh and local products, produced by family farms and family-owned businesses, are the basis for high-quality cuisine prepared with heart.

Do you know our 10 signature dishes?
In addition to the Belokranjska pogača, which boasts the EU certificate as a dish with Traditional Speciality Guaranteed, you can taste Belokranjska and prosta povitica, the sweet buckwheat povitica, belokranjski žlinkrofi, “bravina” with sweet cabbage, belokranjsko cvrtje, semiško fulanje, belokranjska šara, cereal sausage and the famous grilled piglet or lamb.

Combine excellent cuisine with excellent wine.
Without the wine and vineyards, the people of Bela krajina, would not be as they are. If we were to describe Bela krajina as a person, we would say she is gentle, tranquil, charming, welcoming, and kind.

Taste the plate with heart!
To taste the best locally produced and seasonally fresh ingredients of Bela krajina, the project The Tastes of Bela krajina presents the cuisine of Bela krajina in a modern way. The project is the product of the culinary tourism of Bela krajina, which highlights the most distinctive and unique cuisine of Bela krajina, prepared from locally grown and seasonally fresh ingredients from local producers.
In the spring, you can enjoy a culinary evening From tradition to a culinary experience, when four caterers join forces and cook together.
In Autumn they prepare delicious meals in their restaurants: Guesthouse Kapušin, Müller Inn, Hotel Bela krajina, and Veselič Guesthouse:

September 9th: Camping Bela krajina, Podzemelj

September 29th - Müller Inn

November 18th - Guesthouse Kapušin

November 25th - Veselič Guesthouse

For more information about the individual event, click on the above-mentioned dates.

The price of the menu is €30.

The price is for all four events.

Welcome to the Tastes of Bela krajina, to experience the plate with heart!