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Happy Gatherings

Magnifico Invites You to Bela Krajina

His first professional performance was held right there in Bela krajina.

His songs combine influences from all over the world, but very often a Bela krajina feel can be sensed in them. He is bound to Bela krajina by family and friends, good food and beautiful nature and inspired by its specific dialect. “I know how to speak the old Bela krajina dialect my grandmother used to speak, some king of an Adlešiči dialect. It means a lot to me and I love to hear people speaking it without shame.” He is also attracted by the ethnic and religious diversity of this land of white birches, and the cohabitation of all people: “I did not think about it much in the past, but today I know why Bela krajina is like this. Because it is good-hearted and open. There is a neighbour, a neighbour no matter the differences.

I never look for inspiration, just the way you should never look for happiness and ask for love.


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