Grad Vinica

Grad Vinica se razprostira na pečini ob Kolpi, ki ponuja čudovit razgled. Leta 2015 je bil prenovljen v turistični objekt s tremi luksuznimi sobami. Vsakodnevni obiskovalci lahko v vinoteki & lounge baru uživajo v skodelici kave ali kozarcu vina iz široke ponudbe.

Grad Vinica se nahaja v središču vasi Vinica, na obrežju reke Kolpe.
2 sobi za dve osebi (+ pomožno ležišče), ena soba za 4 osebe.
Food & Drink:
Gurmanom so na voljo vrhunski hladni prigrizki iz slovenskih mesnin, dimljenih rib in domačih sirov.
Bar and restaurant seats:
Languages spoken:
hrvaško, angleško
Additional Services:
savna, terasa, žar, najem koles, najem kanujev
brezžični internet v sobah, restavraciji in na terasi
Car parking:
možnost parkiranja avtobusa, javno parkirišče zraven bencinske črpalke

Payment methods:

  • Gotovina
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
The Laterna InnA mere kilometre from the village of Vinica the Laterna Inn is awaiting to welcome you with quality service, pleasant atmosphere, and home-made dishes of Bela krajina. The inn can serve a bus-full of people (up to 60 people) with authentic local foods. Guests can enjoy home-made dishes typical of Bela krajina, lamb, suckling pig, venison dishes, or dishes baked under the bell. The Laterna Inn is known for its home-baked bread, excellent home-made soups with hand-made pasta, and apple strudel.
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Badovinac JugorjeAn inn with centuries of tradition, the first warm greeting Bela krajina extends to the visitors as they cross over to the sunny side of the Gorjanci mountain chain. The family-run inn, where the tradition of genuine hospitality is passed from generation to generation, is appreciated mostly for its fine home-made food. During the tourist season the inn offers Bela krajina’s specialities, the spit-roasted lamb and suckling pig.
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The Kapušin InnGood inns have always been the pride of families, towns, villages, cities, and countries. The people of Bela krajina are rightfully proud of the Kapušin Inn located in the village of Krasinec. The inn has become established over time and boasts superior cuisine along with a sommelier service that introduces guests to the diverse selection of acclaimed wines from Bela krajina and Slovenia. Guests will notice a well defined authentic house style of gastronomy that represents a synthesis of Bela krajina’s heritage and the innovations introduced by way of influences from other regions.
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The Veselič InnYou are cordially invited to visit the Veselič Inn that boasts several decades of tradition. Take time to savour the authentic countryside food. On weekdays the inn offers brunch and late lunch, while weekends are reserved for lunch specials and special weekend offers. You will be able to indulge in à la carte meals or, if you order in advance, in lamb or suckling pig spit-roasted in a bread oven.
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The Župančičev Hram InnThe Župančičev Hram inn, which has a century long tradition, used to be an inn and a shop run by the parents of a great Slovenian poet Oton Župančič. In the present day inn you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and tasty home-made food characteristic of Bela krajina. You can also take a look at the Oton Župančič’s memorial room.
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The Műller InnThis traditional inn that has been running since 1965 is called “Gostilna Műller” (The Műller Inn) but is better known to some under its familiar name “Pri Bariču” (At Barič’s) that has stuck to this day. The inn offers a wide array of dishes typical of Bela krajina, meat and fish dishes, and an impressive selection of local wines. You will be pleasantly surprised by the agreeable atmosphere, enviable hospitality, professional and cordial service, and, last but not least, by the delectability of the prepared dishes. Some of the most esteemed specialities are the home-baked scrumptious breads and flatbreads that can every day be enjoyed fresh from the oven.
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Madronič PrelesjeThe family Madronič decided to take up agritourism already back in 1978. They have initially combined farming and tourism in the restored mill, later in the family house, and recently in the new guesthouse, which caters to the expectations of even the most demanding visitors.
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Samarin Inn and AccomodationsWe are located at the edge of the small town of Črnomelj, surrounded by luscious meadows, rivers Dobličica and Lahinja, and nearby wine-growing hills. There is something here for everyone, whether you are travelling for business or taking a holiday. The Kolpa River, which is perfect for summer swimming, is not far; we are also not far from a riding resort, cycling and hiking trails, a fishing pond, and vineyard cottages offering degustations…
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Grad VinicaGrad Vinica je brez dvoma eden izmed najlepših gradov na Dolenjskem in v Beli krajini.
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