Glamping Kolpa resort

The Kolpa Resort is a perfectly located glamping destination in Slovenia, featuring wooden glamping houses and three luxury glamping tents that cater to families, couples and groups. Each wooden house features fine linen rustic, but chic furnishings. The glamping tents offer the same basic features (fine linen, rustic furnishings, air conditioning, a private heated bathroom and toilet, and a styled kitchen), but with the added charm of staying in a real tent, with only a layer of canvas between you and the great outdoor. After a day’s worth of hiking the hillocks, biking around the Kolpa valley, or simply sunbathing and swimming in a pool, you are certain to enjoy a relaxing shower in the privacy of your heated master bathroom.

V vasi Krasinec, v bližini reke Kolpe.
3 glamurozni šotori s 15 ležišči
Ponudba prehrane:
lastna priprava
Languages spoken:
hrvaško, angleško, nemško
Additional Services:
Kopanje v biološkem bazenu v resortu in v reki Kolpi 800m stran, supi in kajaki na reki Kolpi. Na voljo je odprt ogenj, vrt in terasa.
brezžični internet
Car parking:
za osebna vozila
niso dovoljeni

Payment methods:

  • Gotovina
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
Campsite LovšinThe mixed company of campsite Lovšin’s guests is made up of young families, adults, and lively pensioners. We are proponents of the idea that the biggest benefit of the Kolpa river and its banks is tranquillity. This does not mean that it is not a lively place to be. Quite the contrary! We welcome local and foreign patrons with open arms, bohemians, musicians, and athletes; all those who want to return to nature, and turn their gazes towards the romantic sunsets and starry nights, and those captivated by the sound of crickets and the eternal murmuring of the water. It can all be found here.
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Big BerryDobrodošli v prvem slovenskem LIFESTYLE KAMPU ob reki Kolpi, kjer boste spoznali nov koncept in kolekcijo mobilnih hišic z več namenskim centrom.
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Glamping Kolpa resortGlamping KOLPA resort, v katerem se nahajajo glamurozni šotori, lesene glamping hiške in naravni biološki bazen je nastal v prečudoviti naravi, na hribčku, le streljaj stran od reke Kolpe.
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Campsite Kolpa VinicaBy the warm and clean Kolpa river lies the Campsite Kolpa Vinica, which is situated in the beautiful Bela krajina region, a bit further down from the village of Vinica and its castle. The campsite offers more than 60 camping spaces, all of them equipped with electricity. Toilets, outdoor and indoor showers, and the dishwashing facility were recently entirely renovated. Visitors find the new, unique design appealing. There is easy access to the water and an exit point for boats and canoes. Every guest is guaranteed to feel welcome, those who stay for a day or two and those who wish to stay longer. Some of the guests even choose to spend the entire season!
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Camping Bela krajinaThe campsite is located in the pleasant and unspoiled environment by the Kolpa river, one of the cleanest and warmest rivers in Slovenia. For 20 years Camping Podzemelj has been successfully combining life by the Kolpa river with the hospitality characteristic of Bela krajina.
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Stari pod Old Barn AdlešičiYou can revel in the luxurious pristine nature in the immediate vicinity of the Kolpa river under a fabric roof, or, better yet, in a small cottage, where you can indulge in the comforts of a camping style that has recently become known as glamping. Campsite Jankovič is popular among nature lovers and suitable for camping between May and September.
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Madronič PrelesjeThe family Madronič has taken up agritourism in 1978. They have initially combined farming and tourism in the restored mill, later in the family house and recently in the new guesthouse, which caters to expectations of even the most demanding visitors.
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