Museum Collection Črnomelj

Mestna muzejska zbirka Črnomelj

Črnomelj Municipial collection is situated in old Črnomelj old town core. All the rooms of museum are richly decorated with various geometric and floral motifs. Permanent collection main focus is on towns history and it's people. Through archeological artefacts, archive material, ritch graphics, photographs and video presentation visitor can get to know much about town and land that was always on border.

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Ponudba: ogled mestne muzejske zbirke

Dan in ura: od torka do petka med 12. in 16. uro

Cena: 4€ odrasli, 2€ študenti in upokojenci, 1,5€ mladi do 15. let

Čas ogleda: 1 ura