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Original Experience

Traditions Invite You to Bela krajina

Cross the threshold of Nada Cvitkovič and enter the embrace of the cultural heritage of Bela krajina.

Its stories show that good neighbours and gifts of nature are needed for maintaining craftsmanship tradition – luckily, there’s plenty of them in Bela krajina. The local Nada Cvitkovič, who has taken over the craft from her mother-in-law, is a true master of flax processing and the making of the typical Bela krajina easter eggs (pisanice): “This is what I grew up with and what I respect, so I want to pass it on to others.” The Bela krajina easter eggs, which are known all over the world and have a very special look in Adlešiči, were always made by creative women. Each easter egg is slightly different and made in white, red or black. When we ask, why the colours, Nada answers: “Because you could get everything in nature. Wine or beetroot were used for the red and oak bark for the black.

“Pisanice” are truly more than just regular easter eggs: they are a gift of love!


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