Business Zones in Bela krajina Region

Business Zone TRIS Kanižarica


Kanižarica 41, 8340 Črnomelj, Slovenia
  • Zone surface: 106 ha
  • Occupancy: 81 %
  • Zone expansion: Yes
  • Price per m2: 9 €
The business park TRIS Kanižarica is situated southwest of the town of Črnomelj, along the regional road Kanižarica–Vinica. There is the Novo mesto–Črnomelj–Karlovac (Croatia) railway line nearby. The park is situated 35 km from the connection to the Slovenian motorway and 40 km from the connection to the Croatian motorway. The distance to the nearest Slovenian airport for international traffic (Ljubljana) is 119 km and 100 km to the airport in Zagreb, Croatia. The park has infrastructure in place. All buildings have very pleasant surroundings. At the entrance into the park, there is a parking area for trucks. Other parking spaces have been provided at each plot. Service and connecting roads within the zone are paved. The area is equipped with all needed infrastructure. There is water supply, separate sewerage system, power supply, telecommunications and gas network, as well as public lighting. Waste water and power as well as telecommunications conduits run along the transport routes. Waste collection is organized on regular basis. The business park grounds have been consolidated and are not subject to flooding, so construction works will be safe and fast. The area in different terraces is intended for business and manufacturing activities. The central area is mostly occupied with manufacturing and storage buildings and business premises; however, there are some vacant plots available in between. The central area is suitable for industrial, manufacturing, business, retail and service activities. The area along the regional road is intended for central activities only. Within the business park, a large number of plots are available, measuring from 2,000 sq m up to 10,000 sq m, while their position allows uniting individual units in accordance with the needs of the investor.


    Pri Pildu Business Zone, Metlika


    Cesta XV. brigade 39, 8330 Metlika
    • Zone surface: 17 ha
    • Occupancy: 30 %
    • Zone expansion: Enlargement from 17.5 ha to 34 ha
    • Price per m2: 21 €
    The zone is located in the northern part of the town of Metlika along the regional road Novo mesto–international border crossing Metlika and is very easily accessible. There are a regional road, railway line, international border crossing, sport airfield and service zone (the post office, bank, shops) nearby. The zone is situated 1.5 km from the passenger and freight railway station and industrial siding. It is also situated 30 km from the connection to the motorway. The zone is situated 124 km from the nearest Slovenian airport for international traffic in Ljubljana and 88 km from the airport for international traffic in Zagreb (Croatia). The area is equipped with basic public utility infrastructure – water supply, power supply, telephone lines, sewerage, and access to the public road. The business and service zone area is intended for central activities, such as home building, administrative-business premises, retail and service activities, catering and entertainment establishments, and also for small crafts (storage, service and business activities and activities of small industry). Enlargement of the existing zone from 17.5 ha to 34 ha is planned, as well as the construction of building with a floor space of 1,200 sq m for a networking incubator. Price per m2: approx. 21.10 € (excluding VAT); according to the adopted Rules on the allocation of municipal funds for encouraging small entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Metlika, the price of a square metre of land for the purpose of building business premises can be decreased by 50% of the estimated value.

    PSC Vrtača Semič


    Vajdova ulica 71, 8333 Semič
    • Zone surface: 14 ha
    • Occupancy: 50 %
    • Zone expansion: Possibility of Enlargement to 21.9ha.
    • Price per m2: 10 €
    The zone is situated along the regional road Ručetna vas–Štrekljevec, opposite the company Iskra kondenzatorji d.d., near Semič town centre and has good connections to Črnomelj, Metlika and Novo mesto. Semič is also near the railway line Novo mesto–Karlovac (Croatia). The zone is situated 30 km from the connection to the motorway, 4 km from the passenger railway station and 11 km from the freight railway station and industrial railway siding. Infrastructure: connection to optic-fibre or cable communications network, telephone network, water supply network, sewerage and process water network and power supply network. Intended use is fore industrial activityes. Zone expansion: Itis possible by purchase of land owned by private persons.