Business Zone TRIS Kanižarica

Zone surface (ha) Occupancy (%) Zone expansion Price per m2
106 81 Yes 9

Infrastructure: The park has infrastructure in place. All buildings have very pleasant surroundings. At the entrance into the park, there is a parking area for trucks. Other parking spaces have been provided at each plot. Service and connecting roads within the zone are paved. The area is equipped with all needed infrastructure. There is water supply, separate sewerage system, power supply, telecommunications and gas network, as well as public lighting. Waste water and power as well as telecommunications conduits run along the transport routes. Waste collection is organized on regular basis. The business park grounds have been consolidated and are not subject to flooding, so construction works will be safe and fast.

Intended use: The area in different terraces is intended for business and manufacturing activities. The central area is mostly occupied with manufacturing and storage buildings and business premises; however, there are some vacant plots available in between. The central area is suitable for industrial, manufacturing, business, retail and service activities. The area along the regional road is intended for central activities only. Within the business park, a large number of plots are available, measuring from 2,000 sq m up to 10,000 sq m, while their position allows uniting individual units in accordance with the needs of the investor.