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The Pezdirc Inn, also called Ancelj, is more than just a typical local inn, even though this is one of its best features; it is also modern, even though it still makes you feel at home in the beautiful countryside. It is a restaurant where modern dishes are combined with the dishes of our grandmothers and top quality wines from Bela krajina. It is located in the centre of Semič, the heart of the Bela krajina tourist destination.
In terms of gastronomy, it belongs in the top of the Bela krajina offer and successfully complements the Bela krajina tourist programmes which offer hiking, boating on the Kolpa River, skiing on the nearby Gač ski slope – in short, active spending of free time.
The inn offers daily lunch, typical local dishes and à la carte dishes. The supply of beverages includes a permanent selection of local wines from the Bela krajina or Semič Wine Road with its top and high quality wines.
The inn can host 200 guests, separately or in the gala room which is perfect for larger groups of visitors during various celebrations, parties, weddings and other private events.

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Pezdirc Inn
Metliška cesta 11, SI-8333 Semič

Pezdirc Inn

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