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This family guesthouse with a long tradition offers excellent cuisine and established wines from Bela krajina and Slovenia as well as sommelier service. Guests can recognize their own distinctive style of gastronomy, which is a synthesis of the Bela krajina heritage and the various innovations and the effects of regional environments.

The Kapušin Guesthouse is the only guesthouse in Bela krajina, which is part of the Restaurant Week campaign, which includes only the best Slovenian restaurants and the menus must comply with the criteria of top quality. It is also a regular provider of the Bela krajina gastronomic experience, the “Tastes of Bela Krajina Weekends”, which takes place during the summer months. This is where you will get to know genuine Bela krajina dishes in an innovative way with a high level of creativity.

House specialty

Dodatna ponudba

Number of seats in the restaurant:


Number of seats on the terrace:


Kapušin Guesthouse
Krasinec 55, SI-8332 Gradac

Kapušin Guesthouse

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