Beekeeping with a 58-year tradition. Beekeeping in a bee and nature friendly way. They offer professionally guided tastings of honey awarded at competitions at home and abroad, guided tours of the beekeeping premises, guided tastings of honey wine (even of the oldest honey wine in Slovenia) and tastings of sparkling mead which has been recognised as the Slovenian champion 2008. They also show you the process of queen bee breeding. All types of honey and bee pollen are available for purchase.

And here is the beekeeper’s story:

It was the year of 1957 in Socialist Yugoslavia. I exchanged a rabbit for a bee swarm with my confirmation sponsor. But unfortunately, the bees did not swarm in the following two years. But apparently, beekeeping was in my stars. In the same year, I set up a bee house made from the stakes from my neighbour’s vineyard in my garden and installed two kunst type hives in it (AŽ with lower frames). Between 1958 and 1959, the bees visited on their own and my beekeeping business developed. It encompassed up to 120 first-line families, 50 second-line families and up to 100 third-line families.
I can frankly say I am a beekeeper the bees came to on their own and stayed.

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Sever Beekeeping
Stara cesta 12, SI 8333 Semič

Sever Beekeeping