At the homestead you will find the charismatic Mojca, who will in pleasant atmosphere introduce you to the story of bread, life and humour and treat you to a homemade feast, prepared in the brick oven. This all takes place upon prior reservation in the unique House of Delicious Bread, where experience is just as important as food. This is also where you will find the Bread Baking School, where primary school students can knead dough, bake it in the brick oven and bring home their first homemade bread. They also learn about how bread was baked in the past and learn to appreciate it. For older guests, they offer the presentation of certified "Belokranjska pogača” with the tasting of homemade pastry and bread.
Mojca Kramarič opened her Mojca Homemade Delicacies bakery 15 years ago; she bakes everything from excellent homemade “mlinci” (dough-based side dish), bread, “pogača” (flat cake), strudel to pastry and rich “potica” (rolled cake with rich filling). The lush and tasty cakes are their permanent feature, and they are also known for unique and realistic cake shapes; they make sure your guest will remember your event. They also offer complete buffets. All services are performed upon prior order or you can buy their products on the markets in Črnomelj (Saturday), Metlika (Saturday and Tuesday – fair) and Novo mesto (market on Monday and Friday). Visit them in Rosalnice.

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Mojca Homemade Delicacies
Rosalnice 38, SI 8330 Metlika

House of delicious Bread – Mojca Homemade Delicacies

<p>A long tradition of baking and preparing desserts for various occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baptism, confirmation, communion, and many others. Treat yourself with our delicacies and give a special and “delicious” signature to every moment with your family and friends which is etched deeply in your memory.</p><p>Under the tab “About the company” you can also read more about our “From grain to bread” programme, which is primarily intended for primary schools.</p><p>In addition to excellent pastries, cakes and confectionery, we also offer “Bread making course” in our bakery. Bread has been a basic foodstuff for millennia, but we are still rediscovering new techniques of baking that are being used throughout the world.</p><p>However, we shall not neglect the strong symbolic significance of bread, which has been preserved by many stories and religions to date. Delicious bread is not just following the recipe, as only loving hands and a good sense enable perfect coexistence of ingredients, taste, symbolics and homely climate.