The boutique shop has become a vibrant meeting place for local vendors, the local community and visitors to Bela krajina from Slovenia and abroad. The existing house, which was once a shop, has been converted to promote and sell local produce. The offer of local winegrowers, fruit, horticultural, beekeeping, oil, herbal, dairy and other products from the local area is collected and presented in one place. There is also an online store that offers even better access to quality Belokrajine products:
Bela krajina House of Local Delights is a sustainable project that represents an increase in the quality and added value of local products, an increase in local self-sufficiency and brings local food supply closer to the general public in one place. The offer of local delicacies in the old city center of Metlika points a new direction for its revival. The house offers residents as well as external visitors a rich wine and food offer in one place. The Bela krajina House of Local Delights project was developed by the Municipality of Metlika together with the Metlika Winegrowers' Association and the Vigred Metlika Tourist Association. By taking on the project management, Zavod Metlika set a vision for the development of the house, based on expanding the provider network, improving access to local self-sufficiency and helping Belokrajna providers to enter the market.

Working hours:
MON – FRI | 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p. m
SAT | 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m

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Bela krajina House of Local Delights
Mestni trg 7, SI-8330 Metlika

Bela krajina House of Delicacies