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In the Pečarič household, oil making has a long tradition. Grandfather Niko and his brothers Martin, Jože and Tone produced walnut oil which was used for lamps already before World War I. The walnut kernels were pressed in the wine press, because that was all they had. They would often simply use walnut kernels for lightning: they would light them up, so they illuminated the room and when one kernel burned down, they simply used another one.

In 1990 they planted 350 walnut trees and as a subculture more than 300 hazelnut plants. Until Mr Martin decided to buy his own press, he pressed walnut and hazelnut kernels in Germany, which was time-consuming and expensive. Now he has his own production he is running as a complementary activity on the farm. The entire family is involved in the production of different oils; they help with harvesting the fruit, cleaning the orchard, drying kernels and pressing.

He sells his products in his house in Drašiči in an elegant labelled packaging.


Pečarič Oil-Extraction Plant
Drašiči 33, SI-8330 Metlika

Pečarič Oil-Extraction Plant

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