Taste Bela Krajina

Taste Bela Krajina

Fresh and local products, produced by family farms and family-owned businesses, are the basis for high-quality cuisine. There are a lot of tasty goods for everyone who comes to Bela Krajina.

The plate with heart, Tastes of Bela Krajina
The signature Bela Krajina dishes, once prepared for bigger holidays and festivities, can now be found and tasted at local restaurants and tourist farms. To taste the best locally produced and seasonally fresh ingredients of Bela Krajina, the project Tastes of Bela Krajina brings the best out of local cuisine. The Taste of Bela Krajina is available at the following restaurants: Guesthouse Kapušin, Müller Inn, Guesthouse Veselič, Hotel Bela krajina, and Camping Bela krajina.

In 2024 do not miss:
Friday, 7. 6. 2024 - Guesthouse Veselič

Don't miss the joint cooking event with all four restaurants. Let the summer start flavorful.

During the autumn season, you can indulge with each of them. We start in September, when it's still warm enough to dine on the terrace, overlooking the Kolpa River.

September 7, 2024 - Camping Bela krajina

September 27, 2024 - Gostilna Müller

November 16, 2024 - Gostišče Kapušin

November 30, 2024 - Gostišče Veselič