What you need to know for a healthy and safe holiday in Slovenia

Right at the entrance to Bela krajina is village Rožni Dol, where the Mlinar farm is located. Once there was a mill, today we are opened to all who want to enjoy the peace, nature and great tastes of local cuisine.

At the place where once was the mill, today stands a fish farm where trout are farmed. We raise organic cattle on the farm, as almost our hobbies, which are intended for recreation. We have two excellent guard dogs, Ben and Bar, who watch our every move.

The kitchen always smells tempting as roasted trout, buckwheat štruklji, roasted young beef, various soups and homemade yeast bread. We use homemade food so we can satisfy even most demanding visitors. We make an excellent spread of smoked trout, smoked trout and smoked trout in olive oil.

In addition to all the trout for home, we also offer guests all the products you can taste at home in the company of loved ones.

Farm Mlinar
Rožni dol 7, 8333 Semič

Kmetija Mlinar

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