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The Pečarič Farm is located on the sunny side of the Gorjanci Hillls in the Village of Čurile near Metlika. The farm has been closely linked to the viticulture for several centuries. There is a wine cellar and an exhibition and shop area at the farm, while the vineyards spread out in Vidošiči and Vinomer. They produce both red and white wines, quality, high quality, high quality with distinction and sparkling wines. They are very successful in the production of straw wine.
They organise guided tastings of selected wines and teach about the culture of wine drinking with intelligent words and an elegant glass in their hand. They accept groups of up to 60 people they pamper during their tastings with excellent wines and the Bela krajina “pogača”. For larger groups, courses, seminars and private groups, a congress room is available.

Pečarič House of Wine
Čurile 7, SI 8330 Metlika

Pečarič House of Wine

House of Wine is located in a small village of Čurile in Bela krajina, not far from the famous pilgrimage Three parishes. At the homestead, they will familiarise you with the wine story, prepare a snack with home-made dried meat products, home-made cheese and pogača. On a small part of Bela krajina, their 18,000 vines grow, revealing the power of the earth and the sun. The variety in the vineyard and skillful work in the cellar enable them to produce both still and sparkling wines as well as dry and naturally sweet wines.

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