The Šuklje Wine Cellar from Bela krajina boasts a long tradition, because the ancestors took up viticulture and wine making already in 1895, when Matija Šuklje bought the hill above the village for 140 goldinars and planted grapevine. They cultivate 5 hectares of vineyards and produce high quality wines, as well as open programme wines. A lot of knowledge is invested in these wines, because they have an excellent team of winegrowers and oenologists. The production of the best possible grapes is in the responsibility of the father, who has inherited his knowledge from his father and has 30 years of experience. The process of storage in the wine cellar, however, is in the responsibility of the daughter Katja Šuklje, who has a PhD in viticulture. Katja is a young and most of all excellent researcher, who has already left her mark on global level.
They also offer professional guided tastings and visits to the wine cellar. You can also purchase wine.

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Šuklje Wine-Cellar
Trnovec 22, SI 8330 Metlika

Šuklje Wine Cellar and Tourist Farm