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Vineyards set on the sunny outskirts of Gorjanci bask in the sun and enjoy the warm breeze positively influencing the quality of the grapes. This is one of the reasons why the famed “metliška črnina” became one of the most successful export products. The ambassadors of the wine-growing countryside are modern winemakers, who have raised the quality of production and won international competitions. “Metliška črnina” and “belokranjec” even boast the official PTP certificate. Bela krajina was also the first to introduce ice wine. The best way to taste wines from Bela krajina is to attend one of the traditional events such as the “Vinska Vigred”, the “Mlada portugalka” wine festival or the Festival of Predicate Wines. The local winemakers will be more than happy to show you around their cellars.

The official PTP certificate
Cesta XV. brigade 2, SI 8330 Metlika

KZ Metlika Wine Cellar

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